North Macedonia

Sar Mountain National Park Collaborates with Green Stays for Reforestation

Sar Mountain National Park is proud to announce its partnership with Green Stays, an initiative focused on replanting the park with new trees. This collaboration aims to restore the natural ecosystem, promote biodiversity, and improve air quality. By planting thousands of trees, both parties seek to contribute to carbon sequestration and create new habitats for native wildlife.

The benefits of this collaboration are numerous. In addition to enhancing ecological balance, the project provides educational opportunities for visitors and the local community to learn more about sustainability and environmental protection. By making the park greener and healthier, the recreational value is increased, creating a place for future generations to enjoy.

Green Stays, known for their commitment to sustainable tourism practices, will bring their expertise and resources to support this ambitious reforestation project. Together, Sar Mountain National Park and Green Stays will contribute to a more sustainable future, emphasizing the importance of nature conservation and eco-friendly tourism.


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